Ideas for how to use the library

  • Schedule students for orientation to learn basic library skills

  • Schedule students to check out books for independent reading

  • Schedule students to learn RESEARCH SKILLS and access library resources

  • Schedule students for a lesson on vetting information

  • Schedule students for a lesson on media literacy or digital citizenship

  • Collaborate with librarian to support a lesson or skill or unit plan or project

  • Collaborate with the librarian on new technology to expand creative projects and student engagement

  • Collaborate with the librarian for curated resources to support a topic you are teaching

  • Come to the library for book talks! Or invite the librarian to your class!

  • Come to the library to make podcasts!

  • Come to the library to shoot and edit videos!

  • Come talk to the librarian and see what you can dream up together.

The most effective use of the library involves a little planning--please email me, so I can support you well: plichty@schools.nyc.gov

Create a free account with your DOE credentials ! 

Use Teaching Books to access a variety of multimedia resources connected to books and authors.


Find new books and support the books you and your students are already reading. 

An amazing resource for writing, research, & citations:

OWL's dedicated page for Teachers & Students, Grades 7-12:

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Finding Good Primary Sources

National Archives Logo and Link to Primary Sources for Educators

Verifying Information

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